Vladislav Subbotin

Born in Omsk in 1996 in a family of artists, ceramists, doctors, the entrepreneur.  Has been living in Moscow since 2016.

He has a Diploma of OCTS “Automotive. roads”, diploma of SibGUFC “Adaptive physical culture”, master of sports “judo” 3-time winner of Russia.

The concept of Vlad’s works highlights such areas as life, death, poetry, material things, sex, addiction and liberation from it, the modern rhythm of life and the religiosity of the Middle Ages.

To create works, he uses materials such as blood, mainly his own, red wine, glass, wood, plastic, pipes, fiat currency, coins, antiques, contraceptives, razor blades, toys from an adult store, nails, ropes, wax, computer accessories, metal, wood, light bulbs, wires. After the end of the process, the painting is refined with traditional materials acrylic, pastel, oil, sanguine, charcoal, etc.

Each work has its own meaning, uniqueness and energy.

Works with all modern techniques

Paintings by this author