When choosing a painting or other work of art, it is very important to remember the effect of color on the psychological and emotional state of a person. Not every color will create the atmosphere you need in the room, not every color is suitable for a bedroom or kitchen.

Colors are divided into warm and cold. Warm colors include red, yellow and orange – they are associated with activity, comfort, but in large quantities they can cause irritation. Cool colors include blue, green and purple and are associated with calmness, harmony and peace, but also with inactivity and sadness.
White color – evokes associations with cleanliness, lightness and free space. It can make the room visually larger and bring freshness to the interior.

Yellow is associated with energy and drive, which is why designers love adding it to children’s rooms.
Red and orange are stimulating and invigorating, but can provoke emotions of anger, so the main thing is not to overdo it. Suitable for living room, kitchen and hallway.

Brown is associated with warmth and comfort. This color is considered neutral, reminiscent of nature, practicality and reliability. Brown can be very pleasant if it takes on a shade of chocolate, coffee or cocoa.

Blue is the color of clarity, order and tranquility. The perfect color for spaces where there is a lot of thought or hard work (office break rooms). It also helps to relax, so it is also suitable for the bedroom.
Green color is suitable for use in the design of a room that is heavily lit by the sun. It helps to get rid of anxiety and worries. Color has a refreshing effect, allows you to maintain vigor.

Pink color can be used to create a fresh and extraordinary atmosphere in the house, add creativity and coziness. Pink is not necessarily a feminine color. In small quantities, it can bring peace and comfort even to a strict office environment.

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