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“Where Childhood Goes” by Dmitry Oktyabrsky


“Where Childhood Goes” by Dmitry Oktyabrsky 2020

Canvas, oil, 150×200 cm.

“Where the Childhood Goes”.

Not easy work, for me. It invested a lot of experiences and meanings.

The gray background, as if with swirls, it is as if our adult life, which consists of the words: must, must, is necessary. Everything is monotonous and gray. Woke up, went to work, went home.

Woke up, went to work, went home. And the feeling that we were truly happy as children. And so, this girl with her toy, she goes out the door of this gray life, and there, behind that door, is a blue sky, happiness, warmth, a young father and mother… She’s missing a puzzle, this girl in her head.

Because, in fact, that door doesn’t exist. It’s made up. We can go closer to the canvas and see through this girl, as if through her head, the space to happiness. It never ends. Sometimes we don’t even stop being children, we just have to open doors to the sky more often and all will be well.

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