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Series of works “Energy Images”. “Cocoon” Great Beauty 2020-2022


“Cocoon” Great Beauty 2020-2022.

Size: 1.62*2.8 m.

Material: vintage wallpaper from Soviet times, ink, pen, gilding, varnish.

The work is framed in a paperboard and an aluminum baguette.

(The mat is whitened cellulose RH-neutral with a surface of colored paper in a single color).

Ready for hanging.


Series of works “Energy Images”.


A cocoon is a shell, a bubble, a protective sphere woven from anything in different beings. In this story, the cocoon is created from the metaphorical image of a mother and her gaze. Wrap the gaze, embrace, thoughts, feelings in the form of tree roots and dozens of eyes looking at the child. To create a safe space for a growing creature is the natural desire of any mother.

For the energy image posed my youngest daughter Lily (Lydia) a gentle and bright creature who takes small steps into this diverse world, each day, emerging from the cocoon of care and gaze farther and farther, knowing the universe and herself.

The great beauty is in the growing up of the little person and the realization that one day she will leave the cocoon and become part of the big world, but will remember it always.

Artist: Great Beauty
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