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Pair drawing “Duality” No. 2 Great Beauty


Pair Drawing “Duality” #2

Beauty Great 2019.

Sheet size: 100 cm * 100 cm – 2 pcs.

Materials: Vintage paper from the times of the USSR 1970s

Graphics gel pen, gilding, varnish.

Series of works “Senses”.

Man and woman, light and darkness, good and evil, hate and love, cruelty and tenderness, youth and old age – it all exists side by side and complements each other, an eternal balance of opposites.
Not only in the external world, but also in ourselves, there are many dualities at the same time, and it is these that give birth to something new, thoughts, actions, deeds, impulses, realizations, emotions, values. It is the sharp edge of the opposites that stirs in us the impulse to everything. Without knowing darkness we cannot appreciate light, without knowing sorrow we cannot recognize joy, without seeing evil we cannot understand where good is. It’s like the eternal blades of the mill, the eternal engine of the evolution of awareness.

This paired drawing shows two substances rotating in different directions. They have not much difference in the number of spurs as a symbol of difference. And on the whole, the composition itself creates that very balance, not idealistic, but for each his own unique. The work itself is a mandala, a mantra, a substance, a symbol in an unusual form in the form of tree roots.
The great beauty of awareness appears to us in the facets of the opposites.


Artist: Great Beauty
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