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“Metamorphosis No. 1” Great Beauty


“Metamorphosis No. 1” 2022.

Author: Great Beauty

Size: 1*1 meter. (without frame)

Materials: base frame hard tablet, background vintage wallpaper of the early 1900s, ink black red.

Metamorphosis is a transformation through form, a change in the body in the period of development.
Getting into new conditions of life, events and environmental influences, any organism begins to change under the influence of external factors. This work depicts my reflection (subpersonality) on the fact that I returned to my native small provincial town with my own framework, mentality and culture. Like a plant that was placed in a large glass flask, I put my entire volume of personality, experience, emotions and feelings into the “framework” of the new space. I took the form and transformed my psyche under the prevailing conditions. Thus, it took the form of its “root system” in a closed space as a houseplant in a pot for the purpose of a convenient way of life and development.
Living conditions are constantly changing in different aspects, a person, like many creatures, is forced to adapt to changes without losing growth activity. We all have a metaphorical “root system” for everyone it is different, for some it is a family, for some it is a house, for some it is a specific place. This “root system” serves as the basis for life, for stability, for a sense of security, reliability, support for growth.
The great beauty of the strength of personality, survival skills, transformations, metamorphoses is revealed to us in new conditions of being.

Artist: Great Beauty
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