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“Metamorphosis N 2” (self-portrait) Great Beauty


“Metamorphosis N 2” (self-portrait) 2022.

Author: Great Beauty Size: 1*1 meter. (without frame)

Materials: base frame hard tablet, background vintage wallpaper of the early 1900s, ink black red.
Metamorphosis is a transformation through form, a change in the body in the period of development.
Growing yourself anew, literally bit by bit, is a reassembly of your own self. Such processes occur naturally and are accompanied by a new level of personality development. Deep transformations, rethinking, life experience give us a feeling of “new” ourselves, with a different look, feel and sense of the world. Old connections, beliefs are torn, meanings are becoming different.
These new understandings of myself appeared to me in the form of separate parts of me, like fruits on a tree. The hands I draw with, my heart is the rhythm I hear all the time. Hair is the brain, fused with the structure of the tree and the naked image is like a trunk from which everything grows.
“Metamorphosis No. 2” is similar to the process of fruit formation in plants. When, after transplanting to a new place, the tree goes through the stage of formation of the strengthening of the root system (Metamorphosis No. 1), it is ready for the next stage of growth and reproduction.
There is great beauty in living life, in being able to reassemble yourself, to be your own creator, to be a strong tree with the fruits of your efforts and intentions.

Artist: Great Beauty
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