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“Memory” The Great Beauty of 2020


“Memory” The Great Beauty of 2020

Sheet size: 104 cm * 120 cm

Materials: Vintage wallpaper of the USSR

1970 graphics gel pen, paint gold antique.

“Feelings” series of works

Memories, how much of everything and everyone is in that word. Seven billion people and all have memories, it’s not just a memory or brain function – it’s evidence of the global interconnections between everything and everyone. Our memories connect sometimes tens, hundreds of thousands of people and events.
This drawing captures a moment of tree and human memory, a chain of multiple events that led to what you are looking at now.
The apple tree has been cut down, but it remembers the caring hands of its owner who raised it from a sapling to a sturdy tree. And reverently embraces with its roots the inscriptions on the paper left by the man, he kept dried apples in this leaf, the fruit of their mutual love and trembling relationship. Living through the memories at a single moment, one realizes the invisible, but very strong connection between all the characters of the story. The relationship between the apple tree and the man is one of many years of communication and mutual existence. The man invested energy, effort, labor in the care of the tree, the tree gave fruit in return, shade from the sun and the beauty of blossoms.
The drawing reflects man’s look of regret at the felled apple tree, the silent pain and acceptance of the tree’s slow death, my feelings of deep empathy and the melancholic joy of the rebirth of this moment in the drawing. Here, in this drawing, are millions of pieces of everyone who has ever come into contact with everything about this leaf. The trees that died to become paper, the people who sawed them, the people who made the paper, the old apple tree whose man also grew old and died, me who found the paper and drew on it. And now you, who are looking at this drawing, it’s almost a never-ending story. Do you understand? Now you too are the bearer of this story, now your memory remembers, now you too are connected to the whole story.
The great beauty in the moment of the apple tree’s death, the almost infinite connections and the uniqueness of memory.
About the story:
The picture depicts a cut down old apple tree, in real life we would only see the stump. But here the roots are revealed as a slice into the underground part of the tree’s soul. This is how the owner of the orchard saw his beloved apple tree. Because he saw its soul, knowing it was still alive underground.

Art is not what you see, but what you think.


Artist: Great Beauty
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