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“Fear” The Great Beauty of 2019


“Fear” The Great Beauty of 2019

Sheet size: 150cm*160cm

Materials: Vintage paper of the USSR 1970 years

Graphics gel pen, paint gold antique.


“Feelings” series of works


Fear is the most complex emotion, the oldest and strongest. We remember any fear better and more clearly than the emotion of joy. Fear has a destructive and creative, healing power at the same time. It lives in us for years, decades, sometimes all our lives.

Liberation from fear gives freedom and joy, a sense of victory and indestructibility. The suffocation of fear robs us of our will, plunges us into the darkness of despondency and powerlessness.

We are imbued with fear in its many manifestations. We fear everything: illness, old age, disasters, death, being rejected, not loved, not beautiful, lonely, afraid of crowds, judgment, afraid of not living up to someone’s hopes, afraid of the future of children, our own future, afraid of the dark, dogs, snakes, deep river, boat on waves, telling the truth, hearing the truth, afraid of lies, afraid of anger, afraid of tall grass, old houses, dark cellars, creaking doors in the dark, Afraid of dropping the phone, afraid of speed, height, strange people, afraid of losing loved ones, afraid of dentists, cemetery, afraid that something will not work, afraid of spending money, afraid of bees, drug addicts, crossing the road, flying on a plane, afraid of betrayal, disappointment, afraid of falling in the bath, afraid of the heartbeat, afraid of committing acts we are even afraid of love … etc. д

Look at the drawing, pass your gaze into this labyrinth, study its ramifications from the beginning to the very tip, conquer it with the power of your gaze and your gaze of perseverance. Feel it become different, soft, and about to collapse. It smells damp and mossy like an old tree in the woods, now your fear is just old, rotting roots that will give rise to new life.

The great beauty is in the moment of victory over fear, the greatness of the moment in gaining the freedom and strength of ourselves.


Artist: Great Beauty
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