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Energy Image No. 3 “Roots have bloomed”


Energy Image No. 3 “Roots have bloomed” 2020

Sheet size: 104 cm * 2.8m

Materials: Vintage wallpaper of the USSR 1970 years

Graphics Chinese ink, potal, varnish


A series of works “Enero Images”.

Painting “Roots Blossom” or “May Snow”

How do you express your love for an almost grown daughter?

This work happened for her nineteenth birthday during the days of the pandemic. When anxiety, uncertainty, and the distance that separated us, the impossibility of meeting, and general fear enveloped us. But as I realized a little later, these circumstances awakened the truth that I still wanted to cuddle her, to take care of her, to cover her with a blanket, to read to her before bedtime books and for her to fall asleep under my sensitive gaze. Nostalgia for the care of a little girl with big brown eyes and the desire to protect her from hardship was born in this drawing.

In the drawing, the image of my eldest daughter Ulyana, who sleeps as a gentle nymph in the branches of the Garden of Eden, where she does not face anything, where a huge tree, this image of a loving mother, carefully hides her in its roots. From the energy of love and the warmth of her heart, the roots blossomed.  The eyes opened in the flowers, watching over her now almost grown daughter’s sleep, just as they did when she fell asleep in her children’s bed under her mother’s voice and gaze.

It was snowing on my daughter’s birthday, May 24, 2001, which is why there is a second title, “May Snow.”  It is a dedication to my daughter on her birthday with love, joy and pride.

The great beauty of a mother’s love , sensuality, blood bond that found expression in the lines of black.



Artist: Great Beauty
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