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Energy Image No. 1 ” Trust”


Energy Image No. 1 ” Trust” 2020

Sheet size: 54 cm * 2.8m

Materials: Vintage wallpaper of the USSR 1970 years Graphics Chinese ink, potal, varnish.

Energy Images Series

Total distrust produces fear, weakness, anxiety, diseases of the mind, envy, impotence, jealousy, cowardice, and aggression. It is the viscous ooze in which a person lives for years, sometimes all his life, poisoning himself and everyone around him with his mistrust.
There is only one way to cure a person of mistrust, love. Only love engenders trust and heals with patience and kindness. It takes time, but there is a quicker way to manifest love harden like hot steel, throw it into a whirlpool and make it swim. This method awakens strong instincts and leaves no choice.

In this story, I bare a young man and throw him into the turbulent river of life, where he, naked and defenseless, meets a demon in the current of the river, which as it seems to him, entangles him with its sprouts like the terrible roots of an unknown creature. The demon swallows him like quicksand, and the main character has nothing to do but stop resisting, relax and gently float down the stream in the arms of the unknown creature, which, as we can see, does not wish evil, but is simply present in the flow of the golden river. And so the demon is no longer afraid, the river has become golden water, and there is relaxation and trust in what is happening. The drawing accompanies the message: relax, believe, trust, love. The hero’s response: relaxed, believe, trust, love.

Distrust and fear breeds demons that do not really exist in our minds.


The great beauty is in the transformation of consciousness and victory over our own fears.


Artist: Great Beauty
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