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“EgoAsteroid” Great Beauty


“EgoAsteroid” Great Beauty 2019.

Sheet size: 97*123cm

Materials: vintage paper of the 1970s.

Graphics, gel pen, potal, varnish.

The sheets have visible defects, cracks, torn edges, creases, holes.

Which is quite consistent with the material, old paper.

Some of the sheets have fragments of restoration (pasting on the reverse side).


The work is framed in a paperboard and an aluminum baguette.
(The mat is whitened cellulose RH-neutral with a surface of colored paper in a single color)
Ready for hanging.



The “Senses” series of works.

“EgoAsteroid” EgoAsteroid is another neologism that happened on the theme of the inner beauty and ugliness of personality. It looks weird and a little crazy.

This drawing is more of an impulse for individual analysis by each viewer on their own. To figure out what it is about, open Wikipedia’s definition of the words Ego and Asteroid. Try to combine the two concepts and derive your own definition of EgoAsteroid in relation to yourself. Write down what you have come up with? What is your meaning of this substance through the prism of your personality, everyone will see something different.

The great beauty is within us. It has different manifestations from bliss and love to anger and hatred. It is beautiful all together as a whole, because one without the other has no meaning or boundaries. EgoAsteroid is a visual image of our ego, which makes a lifelong journey.

The picture shows a substance in the shape of an asteroid, with its branches pointing inward. They symbolize the direction to the center of the core of our personality, because this is how we concert everything inside ourselves from the outside world. The asteroid as a visual metaphor of the cosmic body is not the right shape, not the perfect shape, but the ideal in terms of nature itself formed under certain elements and influences. This allegory is about us as an imperfect being living in the pursuit of ideological perfection.


Artist: Great Beauty
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