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“Discover yourself” The Great Beauty


“Discover yourself” The Great Beauty of 2019

Sheet size: 110cm*130cm

Materials: Vintage paper of the USSR 1970 years

Graphics gel pen, paint gold antique.

Series of works “Feelings”.

“Discovering Yourself” self-portrait.

A self-portrait is always something very personal, deep and painful. All our life lurks inside of us, all our unfulfilled dreams, unrealized love, unrealized fantasies and desires, resentment, disappointment and pain mental and physical. Why is everything with the prefix “not”? Yes, because we immediately share the good and easily get joy out of ourselves as a fact of success, but it is difficult to part with the pain and other negativity. After all, it’s a sign of weakness, failure, vulnerability.

Self-portrait is to expose your gut, it’s difficult, it’s a challenge to yourself. Revealing yourself is like taking selfies naked in the worst possible angle, with wrinkles, belly folds, body scars, disheveled and disheveled. It is to accept and acknowledge all the imperfections, to accept life itself, all the real and obvious difference between yourself and the standards, all the pain, and yet to tell it openly to your strangers. To tear the bark, the armor, and stand as if in front of a naked mirror, a mirror on the other side of which is the viewer.

In this drawing: my body, dissected in one jerk of freedom. It bears the marks of my life, stretch marks from having children, scars on my body and soul from childhood and adulthood. Scars are like notches on a tree trunk made by people, events, thoughts. Scars are like reminders of what is important, you have to let go, but it is important to remember.

There is great beauty in small imperfections as a fact of life.


Artist: Great Beauty
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