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Composition Triptych “Nedra”


Composition Triptych “Nedra” 2020. Great Beauty

The size of the sheet is 64 cm by 50 cm each

Material: Vintage wallpaper of the USSR 1970 years

Graphics Chinese ink, potal, varnish.

The price for three works.

The work is framed in a paperboard and an aluminum baguette.

(The mat is whitened cellulose RH-neutral with a surface of colored paper in a single color)

Ready for hanging.


The Subsoil Triptych.

Take a journey with me into the depths of the subjects of my graphics.
You will find here the seeds of the tree DNA you carry in you from which paper is made, smell the wet soil that is created from the grains of the universe and the dust of the moon, as well as the metals that have come to us from the distant stars.
Feel this strongest connection of everything and everyone in the universe. Mascara is derived from the combustion of waste gases, those that have lain in the bowels of the Earth for thousands of years.
Sit back, relax, take a deep breath and gaze intently at the drawings, awaken your imagination and open yourself to the world. It’s a story of hundreds of thousands of years and now you see before you millions of years of evolution in the form of art. The ingredients extracted from the bowels of the earth appear to you in paper and ink and metal and labor and the metamorphosis of my brain.

Great beauty is where you look, its greatness depends on how you look and think.


Artist: Great Beauty
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