Many people doubt whether a painting is a design item or a luxury item? But let’s start with the fact that the desire to decorate the room where you live or spend time has come since antiquity, when primitive people painted the walls of caves. Over time, paintings began to be used to visually expand the internal space, and also proved the influence of painting on the psychological state of the people.

Of course, the room can be transformed by hanging not only a picture, but for example: a clock, a mirror, a poster, a TV. And many people do this if their walls are empty. Moreover, the picture usually costs more than a watch or a poster. But true connoisseurs of contemporary art do not care about the price and buy paintings not because of emptiness. Most often, their task is to create comfort in the room, as well as to achieve the integrity of the design.

What role does a work of art play in a room or office?

– Combines space and interior details into a single whole

– Creates a bright accent

– Changes the space, visually increasing it if necessary

– If you believe in the power of energy, then the picture can make the energy balance in the interior

– The picture helps to describe the interests, preferences, mood of the owner

– Creates certain emotions

– Adds luxury and style

– Inspiring

It is very important to remember that decorative painting in a room of any style can advantageously change the interior, become the centerpiece of the room or remain an unobtrusive addition. In spacious rooms it is better to place large paintings in thick frames, in small ones – more elegant images framed by a thin frame.

When choosing a work of art, you should study the effect of color on the psychological and emotional state of a person. Read more in our article “Psychology of color in the interior”.

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