Velikaya Krasota Yurievna was born in 1980, now lives in Krasnodar.

Initial art 1991-95 children’s art school №1 Cherepovets 1996-97 Cherepovets College of Arts and Art Crafts named after. V. V. Vereshchagin.

Participated in the personal exhibition of Sochi.
Bravo” 08.2021, 09.2021.

About his work says: “The great beauty of the world in the ordinary, in ugliness, in simplicity and in the complex, not significant things in nature, in man, in thinking, in emotion, in the depth of human life and creation as a whole. Great beauty is absolutely everywhere and in everything.”

Topics covered are:
ecology, nature, loss of values, the relationship of nature and man in the
modern world, deep thinking to intellectual objects.

About technique: Uses only old paper, ink, pen and some metal.
He uses gold and silver as an obsolete but still very effective cultural code, the main attribute of values created by civilization.
attribute of the values created by civilization. It can be used to draw attention to the new
values of the world.

Great beauty is where you look. The extent of its greatness is only the scope of your thinking. ©

Paintings by this author