Many people refer to art therapy as a way to deal with strong emotions and negative experiences. This includes painting, dancing, pottery, and other art forms that are used to correct mental problems. Art therapy works mainly with unconscious processes, because many people cannot understand their own emotions and thoughts. Personal prohibitions, negative attitudes can be the cause.

In this case, art therapy helps, because it is much easier to express emotions in the creative process, because you do not need to communicate with yourself or a psychologist. It is enough to express yourself metaphorically: color, sound, movement. Then it remains only to explain the result together with the therapist and find your growth zones.
As some psychotherapists say, creativity helps to live and express intrapersonal conflicts, and the specialist must guide clients, teach them to trust intuition, explore their work and themselves.

Clients of art therapists claim that this practice helps to focus on the present moment, to feel the connection between emotions and bodily reactions. At this moment, people seem to be meditating and are on the playground for experiments for those who have not yet figured out their emotions.

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