The exhibition “Art is a perpetual motion machine” is glad to welcome guests!

The Alma Mater Gallery of Modern Art, a fashionable space that appeared in the summer of 2022, and the World Cars Museum have united, especially since collaboration was inevitable:
Dmitry Oktyabrsky himself, the founder of the Automuseum, also paints and has been working in various artistic techniques for a long time, his works have appeared at exhibitions, and he is happy to supports the initiatives of colleagues – modern creators.
And the founder of the Alma mater gallery, Ekaterina Kudryavtseva, is a woman who has made art and the search for new names her profession.

Therefore, the selection of artists for the exhibition was particularly careful, since the exhibition, which will last until November 7, was supposed to organically merge into the space of “iron horses and motors”.

A special place is occupied at the exhibition by the interior works of Gleb Gavrilenkov, Dmitry Oktyabrsky – very colorful and bright, also the works of the artist “Great Beauty” are unusual works on old vintage wallpaper, made with ink, using pen technique and decorative decoration with metals,
bright provocative works by the young author Vlad Subbotin.
Nadezhda Utyasheva presented the conceptual compositions “The struggle of humanity against evil” and “People in my head”.
The exhibition also features contemporary artists: A.N., Anna Shuvaeva and even the author of a mini-ship with a whole world inside – Andrey Rezchikov.
It was easy enough to make friends with art and technology, because cars are the brainchild of industrial design, and “artists” of their business also worked on them.

Until November 7, you can combine acquaintance with the rarest collection of cars and modern art, and later visit the Alma Mater gallery, especially since there are not only exhibitions, but also lectures and meetings that help to understand modern art and introduce it into your life or even into your interior.

Photos from the opening of the exhibition

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