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Opening of the Alma Mater Gallery and Projection Exhibition

dates of exhibition: June 17 – August 31, 2022

Visiting the   Gallery is possible by appointment.

Gallery opening hours:

Tuesday – Saturday from 11:00 to 20:00

Closed: Sunday – Monday

Address: Moscow, district Basmanny,

35 Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya St, building 7, “Manhattan” Residential Complex


       Network of art spaces in eastern Moscow is expanding. On June 17, “Alma Mater” gallery, located halfway between “Vinzavod” and “Factory”, will begin its activities with the presentation of the exhibition “Projection”, which will combine the works of five artists from the collection of the gallery founder and curator of the exhibition, collector Ekaterina Kudryavtseva. About thirty paintings from different countries will be placed in the gallery halls: Christian Mgassa (Russia), Costas Papacostas (Greece/Britain), Lucy Svoboda (Czech Republic) and Lilia Shigapova Chili (Russia). The exhibition will run until August 31. Entrance to the exhibition is free.

According to Ekaterina Kudryavtseva the choice of works for the exhibition was determined by her constant interest in the experiments of artists in the field of abstraction and neo-expressionism, the development of these directions in the XXI century.  Objectlessness still provides unlimited opportunities for creative self-expression, combining spontaneity of feelings and philosophy of self-knowledge, allowing contemporary artists to open us a new perspective on the world. And the desire of artists to reflect emotions of transformational nature, dramatic tension of interpersonal relations requires freedom of expressive means beyond traditional realistic practices.

Projection as the transfer of internal content to an external object or as the representation of a three-dimensional object on the plane – both definitions are significant in the conversation about art. We see what overwhelms the artist the moment the brush touches the canvas: the inner content can be negative or positive. Whether he wants to get rid of pain, or to share happiness, or he is in search of answers… Expressing yourself, projecting your feelings outward is part of creativity.

The Alma Mater Gallery founded in 2022 will present contemporary Russian and foreign artists whose works Ekaterina Kudryavtseva plans to support and promote. In addition to organizing exhibitions, the gallery plans to hold lectures, master classes, discussions and music events.

In Christian Mgassa’s works from the series “Biosyngularity” made in mixed technique, the viewer is immersed in a space not limited by any laws of nature; it is organic matter with its microstructures and textures, matter continuously changing and being captured in one of the stages of transformation. Looking deeper, there is an increasing multiplicity of interpretations, up to the images of fictional micro-forms of life.

Colorful labyrinths, geometric patterns and color protuberances splash out on Lucy Svoboda’s canvases, generating flowers and emotions, sea monsters and continents – the interpretation of paintings overflowing with color becomes a poetic intellectual game.


Costas Papacostas says of his paintings, in which the power and energy of the movement of colors is physically felt: “I move continuously through the painting, creating layers with intuitive gestures, until the painting breaks free from my control and begins to develop its own destiny. I never go back to change anything.”

Combining antagonistic materials is one of Lilia Shigapova’s (Chili) favorite artistic techniques. She uses the texture of concrete, paper and plastic, conveying the whole range of human feelings and emotions – from anger to love.


Additional information


Chris (Christian) Mgassa (Russia) was born in Kaluga (USSR) in 1991. Roots on his father’s side go back to East Africa, Tanzania. He graduated from the Kaluga College of Culture and Arts as a director, staging theatrical performances. In 2013 – 2015 he participated in contemporary art projects in Tel Aviv (Israel). In 2014 he presented the exhibition “Flowers of life” in Moscow. Recently in Russia, Chris Mgassa has been working on works from the cycle “Biosyngularity”. As an author of musical compositions and a DJ he cooperates with the Russian musical association Techno Make Sence.


Lucy Svoboda (Czech Republic) was born in Liberec, Czech Republic in 1972. She has been drawing since childhood, studied at the Art School of Glassmaking in Železny Brod, also specialized in jewelry. She participated in the exhibitions Chianciano Biennale (Italy), Untitled Artists Fair (UK), Trevisan International Art Little Treasure (Italy), Vnitroblock (Czech Republic), Affordable Arf Fair (UK), Paris Art Fair (France), Leipzig Art Fair (Germany), Art Prague (Czech Republic), Port Gallery (Spain).


Kostas Papakostas (Greece – UK), born in Athens in 1976, is a multidisciplinary artist working mainly in painting and video. He has participated in art festivals and exhibitions, including: MTAC 2001 (USA – UK); IKON Gallery(UK); Moving Image Festival (Canada); SK Foundation (Germany); Minimalen Festival (Norway); 6th International Video Poetry Festival (Greece); SeeMeOn 29 (Bulgaria); NOVA Art Space (Bulgaria); Les Rencontres (France) and KURA Gallery (Japan).Kostas also works as a creative director: his London studio has created global advertising campaigns for Sony PlayStation, Apple, MTV, Virgin Records, Christian Dior, BVLGARI Hotel and BBC.


Lilia Shigapova Chili (Russia) was born in Kazan in 1984. She began working as an artist in 2016 in Bali. Experimenting with the technique of airbrushing, she came to create three-dimensional works and experiments with materials and textures. She has lived in Moscow since 2000.


  Ekaterina Kudryavtseva was born in 1986 in Chelyabinsk and has been drawing since childhood. Graduated from the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Yekaterinburg), but the passion for art determined the further choice of profession. Since 2015, she has been living in Moscow, studying management and marketing of contemporary art at the “Institute of Art Business and Antiques”. Ekaterina names Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Egon Schiele among the authors whose works are most important to her. In 2018, she curated a solo exhibition of Greek artist Dimitra Grivas, “Twone,” held in Moscow at Trekhgorka. In 2022, she opened Alma Mater, a contemporary art gallery in Moscow.


Dmitry Oktyabrsky (Russia)

Artist, retro-car collector, entrepreneur, and public figure. A cabinetmaker by education, like Viktor Tsoi.

Collected the world’s largest collection of Soviet cars – more than 500 vehicles.
He is engaged in consulting in the field of museum and exhibition activities, development of concepts of museum profile projects and is an expert in the evaluation of technical antiques. He is the organizer and head of the AUTOMUSEUSEUM “Motors of October” (Moscow), the Sochi Automuseum (Adler), the exhibition project “MOTION” (St. Petersburg), organizer of profile exhibitions at VDNKh and MHE “Manezh”, festivals, rallies and runs.
About his work.

“The most valuable thing in life is emotion. That’s the main thing a person should experience from possessing something” – says Oktyabrsky.

All his paintings are about life, about people, about each of us.

The concept of works – the transfer of emotions through experience, life. Married, a child was born, a partner left, a friend died, fell in love, visited a new country or city – all this is reflected in the works, in one way or another.

“In every work there is a part of me, my outlook, my experience, my life.”


Great Beauty (Russia)

Born in 1980, now lives in Krasnodar. Initial art 1991-95 children’s school № 1 Cherepovets 1996-97 Cherepovets College of Arts and Crafts. V. V. Vereshchagin.

Participated in the personal exhibition of Sochi.
Bravo” 08.2021, 09.2021.
About his work says: – “Great beauty is born at the level of feelings, emotions, atoms and molecules. Great beauty speaks to us in a language that does not exist, but you can see, feel and touch it with your soul.

I immeasurably love old paper, it is alive, in its rustling one can hear the souls of trees, in every fold of its texture time is frozen. Trees are living beings, they die to become paper. Even ink is trees and living things that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.”

Great Beauty creates her drawings from DNA, cells, atoms, once vital juices, energy and souls of living beings that are part of great beauty, and chooses the simplest tools to express her vision: paper, ink, pen.



The press show is held by the founder of the gallery “Alma Mater” Ekaterina Kudryavtseva.


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